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History of The Fish and The Family

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BlueFin Tuna fishing goes back to the late 60's in our family off North Lake P.E.I. Tuna Capital of the World. We have one of the largest fishing families on P.E.I. Our Grandfather Clive fished actively until the age of 72. Our father David started the family charter business that we are presently reviving.

David started BlueFin Tuna chartering in the late 60's with his boat the Troy B II. He purchased a new boat in 1977, this was the original Tuna Clipper. A name that has been carried in our family ever since and is known all around the world.

The charter fishery thrived until the late 80's until a brief disappearance of BlueFin Tuna in our local waters. BlueFin Tuna Fishing at this time was not a viable fishery. In the past 15 years BlueFin Tuna have made a return to the waters off North Lake P.E.I in greater numbers than ever! In 2010 we have hand fed 1000 lb plus BlueFin Tuna. We have even touched these Giants as they fed by our boats, truly an amazing experience!

Fighting a BlueFin Tuna is exhilerating! When the reel starts screaming and your blood starts pumping, there is nothing like it! Tuna Fishing is bred right in us. It's part of our life.

Hopefully we can share that experience with you and "Live the Dream" of fighting a Giant BlueFin Tuna.

Capt. Jamie Bruce - Tuna Clipper
Capt. Troy Bruce - White Water

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